Bartise Bowden Net Worth

Bartise Bowden’s net worth is $150k. He is a Senior Analyst for a local healthcare firm. Usually Senior Analysts at healthcare firm earns around $80k-$200k in US so Mashoor estimates his worth around $150k.

Bartise Bowden Biography

Bartise Bowden is a Senior Analyst for a local healthcare firm. He wants to find a potential partner with whom he can spend the rest of his life

He was brought into this world on 1955 in US. He has more than 130k followers on Instagram – bartiseb.

Bartise received his Bachelor of Arts in 2017 and then a Master of Science in 2018 Accounting from The University of Texas at Dallas.

Personal Details

Net Worth$150k
Real NameBartise Bowden
Date of Birth1995
ProfessionSenior Analyst


FatherYet To Update
MotherYet To Update
SiblingsYet To Update
GirlfriendsYet To Update


SchoolYet To Update
UniversityUniversity of Texas
QualificationBachelor of Arts
Master of Science

More About Bartise

On Season 3 of Love is Blind, the 27-year-old resident of Dallas, Texas will be shown setting out on a quest to meet a prospective lifelong companion. According to Bartise’s Netflix bio, laughter is at the top of his list of priorities. A person who can “take all of his jokes” and even “crack some back” at him is what he seeks.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry are Bartise’s idea of the ideal couple. The biography continues: Bartise thinks he’s single because he’s “picky,” and he wants to show that gym-loving men like himself have more “worth” than just their commitment to exercise.

In high school, Bartise Bowden played basketball and was an athlete. But because of his injuries, he was unable to continue playing, and about seven years ago, he started lifting weights. He discussed his injuries in an interview with, saying: I was an athlete in high school and I realised my ambitions of playing D-1 basketball were dead after fully crushing my ankle in a basketball game my senior year. After playing basketball at a D-3 school and fracturing my other ankle, which required additional surgery, I made the decision to give up the sport.

He acknowledged that his love of weight lifting had enabled him to maintain a balance between his physical and mental well-being. He began weight training when he was 20 years old. Bartise Bowden stated in a 2019 interview that he started doing weights around 4 years ago when he was 20 years old. I became enthralled by the procedure. I have a real addiction to personal, intellectual, and physical development. How we may significantly alter our bodies by regulating and managing what we eat and how we exercise fascinates me. Bartise graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Arts in 2017 and a Master of Science in Accounting in 2018.

Before advancing up the corporate ladder to work as an Audit Associate in 2020 and a Senior Associate in 2021 before joining as a Senior Analyst at a healthcare firm, he worked as an Audit Intern and Accounting Tutor from 2017 to 2018. In a sneak look from Love is Blind Season 3, which Bartise posted on his Instagram stories, he makes the following self-poking comment: “This is not going to be there in sixty years, when I’m 85 years old.” I want someone that appreciates me for who I am on the inside, not what I appear to be.

Are Nancy And Bartise Bowden Still Together

Bartise Bowden and Nancy of Love Is Blind immediately rose to the top of the new season of Netflix’s popular dating series as one of the standout couples. She disregarded her usual age restriction in order to be with him, while he focused exclusively on her during other pod dates.

Despite their obvious and immediate chemistry, as is the case in this situation, Bartise Bowden and Nancy looked into other relationships before determining whether or not they wanted to get engaged. Due to their shared interest in fitness, Bartise and Raven, another contestant, became close friends. Deep and heartfelt conversations with the enigmatic Andrew left Nancy unsure of what their future might entail.

However, Bartise and Nancy were each other’s top priorities in the end. Nancy said that Bartise was the one for her after rejecting a proposal from Andrew, which caused that strange tear-drop scene. Fortunately, he had reached the same conclusion, proposing to his new fiancée while removing the barrier between them.

As they spent their first few days together outside of the pod, sparks began to fly in person as well, and the couple began to explore their emotional connection in a more physical way.

But after that, the experiment’s “meet the ex” phase began, giving all of the couples who had said “yes” the chance to meet in person. It stands to reason that some of the candidates would have flirted with one another before getting engaged to someone else. Awkward.

Bartise immediately recognised Raven and spent little time in expressing his admiration for her beauty. When he learned that they hadn’t been too tactile yet, Bartise seemed to doubt their connection and told the camera that he didn’t think it would have been like that between himself and Raven had they gotten together. He received the inside scoop from SK (who had proposed to Raven).

Later, when Nancy and Bartise got back to their room, they had a discussion about what had happened that night.

Nancy was eager to inform her guy that seeing the others had only strengthened their bond, but Bartise made the decision to be open and honest—perhaps even a bit too open—about his love for Raven. He informed Nancy while they shared a bed, “I liked seeing Raven for the first time.

Raven is the kind of girl that I would typically pursue in the real world, said Bartise. Raven was wearing these tight clothes when she arrived, and I thought, “Okay, she’s a f*king smoke show. She’s gorgeous as st.”

In addition, Bartise Bowden revealed to Nancy that he experienced affections for both Raven and her at the same time while they were in the pods. Teaser teasers for the next episodes have already shown that Bartise and Nancy will face challenges as a couple. One of these conflicts may be over how much appearances count in a relationship.

Unfortunately, we won’t learn what transpires on their wedding day until the remaining episodes of the series show on Netflix; the first batch will be available on October 26, the second on November 2, and the conclusion will be available on November 9. Apart from that, social media won’t be revealing anything until after the show has completed airing, so we can’t really get any solid hints from there.

At the time of writing, though, Bartise appears to be following Nancy on Instagram but not Raven. Strangely, Nancy is after both Raven and Bartise. We’ll let you determine whether or not any of it has any significance, and we’ll keep you informed of any updates as they occur.


Who is Bartise Bowden ?

Bartise Bowden is a Senior Analyst for a local healthcare firm.

When was Bartise born ?

He was born on 1995.

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