BTS Snoop Dog Collaboration Comming: “It’s Official Like a Referee With a Whistle”

BTS Snoop Dog Collaboration Comming: "It’s Official Like a Referee With a Whistle"
BTS Snoop Dog Collaboration

BTS Snoop Dog Collaboration – Recently its official from Snoop Dog that they are collaborating and soon will make out a new song. “I make good music. They make good music,” Snopp said of BTS. Fans are really surprised by this amazing news and waiting for any update or clue or release date from both the legendary Artists.

K-pop it like it’s hot. On honorary pathway for the debut of his and Kelly Clarkson’s American Song Contest, Snoop Dogg uncovered that he and BTS are in converses with make music together – something that fans have been energized for since he said in January that teen pop band had sent him a solicitation to cooperate.

“I’m going to let them tell you about it,” he told The A.V. Club before seeming to confirm the news. “It’s official like a referee with a whistle. I love that entertainment world. It’s good music. It’s vibe.”

The seven-piece K-pop gathering previously alluded to their reverence of the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper when they remembered a gesture to his presentation collection Doggystyle for their 2014 track “Hip Hop Phile.” According to Snoop, that appreciation goes the two different ways. “I make great music. They make great music,” he proceeded. “What’s more, we wind up doing this. This is what’s continuously going on with it, uniting our universes.”

The BTS ARMY has been waiting for this news since January, when Snoop Dogg revealed on the podcast Mogul Talk that the boy band had reached out to him. “I got a group named BTS that’s waiting on me to do a song with them right now,” he told the show’s hosts. “And I’m trying to figure out if I got time to do that s–t.”

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However Snoop didn’t have the foggiest idea how huge BTS was at the hour of the web recording appearance, he’s been contributing his voice to K-pop ventures for a really long time. “I’ve been encountering the K-pop insight for quite a while, associated with the music world [and] scene,” Snoop reminded A.V. Club. “I got a record with a gathering got back to 2NE1 in the day. “Come on now, it’s My main event.”
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