Cargo Ship Stuck in Chesapeake Bay

Cargo Ship Stuck in Chesapeake Bay
Cargo Ship Stuck in Chesapeake Bay

The 1,095-foot ship called the Ever Forward is part of the same Taiwan-based fleet of ships as the Ever Given, which got stuck in the Suez Canal about a year ago and caused global shipping problems. 

Work Underway to Refloat Cargo Ship Stuck in Chesapeake Bay

Efforts are as yet in progress Tuesday to refloat a holder transport that steered into the rocks Sunday in the Maryland piece of the Chesapeake Bay, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

There has been no environmental damage reported or injuries reported and the ship is not causing any traffic or creating nuisance as said by the officials. Other ships nearby it are also taking several precautions by reducing their speed to do everything safely.

The Coast Guard got an underlying report at around 9 p.m. Sunday that the boat had steered into the rocks, Petty Officer Stephen Lehmann said. It was found in 23 feet of water.

Cargo Ship Stuck in Chesapeake Bay
This photograph delivered by the Suez Canal Authority on Thursday, March 25, 2021, shows the Ever Given, a Panama-hailed freight transport, after it become wedged across the Suez Canal and impeding traffic in the fundamental stream. An activity is in progress to attempt to work free the boat wedged across Egypt’s Suez Canal, which further endangered worldwide delivery Thursday as without a doubt 150 different vessels expecting to go through the significant stream sat trusting that the hindrance will clear. (Suez Canal Authority through AP)

People, officials and crew members are evaluating how to refloat the ship without compromising the the condition and life of 30 people present on that ship. Also to decrease environmental damage or to have minimal effect on environment the Maryland Department of the Environment is involved in the response for refloating the ship safely.

“Whenever you have an episode like this, there are a great deal of things that can turn out badly,” Lehmann said. “We need to ensure we’re not surging the cycle and seriously endangering individuals’ lives.”

Making Plans to refloat the ship

Several coastguards are executing plans to remove container to make the ship lighter at most to reduce the force on the water, for smoothly passing of the ship.

It was hazy why the boat steered into the rocks or how lengthy it could take to refloat it.

Cargo Ship Stuck in Chesapeake Bay
Cargo Ship Stuck in Chesapeake Bay on 15 March

The ship left the Port of Baltimore on Sunday and was headed for Norfolk, Virginia, The Baltimore Sun reported.