EXO’s Lay announces departure from SM Entertainment

EXO’s Lay announces departure from SM Entertainment
Exo Lay

On April 8, 2022, Lay tended to his fans through a transcribed letter. In an Instagram post inscribed “This decade is perhaps the best present I might have at any point got.”, EXO part Lay Zhang, likewise known by his genuine name Zhang Yixing, has declared his takeoff from the diversion goliath SM Entertainment which is home to the gathering EXO Lay is a piece of.

The letter is in English and holds the dear message of his excursion as an individual from EXO and as a worker of SM Entertainment. He vows to keep on being a relative of the gathering in China, It likewise makes reference to how Lay will keep on being Lay at whatever point his different individuals need him showing his desires to advance as a piece of the gathering at whatever point required.

He has stopped the letter with the mark EXO saying of ‘사랑하자’ that is saranghaja signifying “how about we love”.

Prominently, the news comes on the tenth presentation commemoration of EXO that has become one of the most appreciated and cherished K-pop gatherings on the planet.

Lay himself has extended his adaptable work by taking on numerous activities as well as laying out his own craftsman office, Chromosome Entertainment Group in China. He keeps on prospering as an entertainer as well as delivery more music as an independent craftsman.

EXO is supposed to deliver full gathering music this year and it is obscure whether Lay will be a piece of the accompanying deliveries.