“Foreigners Will Seek Jobs Here”, Says Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann

"Foreigners Will Seek Jobs Here", Says Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann
Bhagwant Mann

Foreigners Will Seek Jobs Here – Indeed, even outsiders will come to Punjab looking for occupations, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann expressed today while talking about the ‘cerebrum channel’ from the state. The comment has drawn fire from the resistance and the young also who said Mr Mann ought to zero in on the state’s issues as opposed to fantasizing about ‘white individuals’ coming to Punjab.
“Indeed, even this year there’s plausible of 3 lakh youngsters traveling to another country. In addition to our youngsters, ₹ 15 lakh additionally leaves the country per individual.

Give us some time, we will establish such a climate that outsiders will come looking for occupations in Punjab,” Mr Mann said in a video cut shared on his Twitter handle. Highlighting the expense of leaving, he spoke to the adolescent to not travel to another country and on second thought serve the nation by remaining back. This ‘cerebrum channel’ should stop, he added and gave confirmations that no one should move looking for open doors.

Punjab Congress MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira was quick to respond. He tweeted a list of issues that the Chief Minister must focus on to “set our house in order” before foreigners approach the state.

“I truly trust outsiders approach PB for occupations however before that we need to set our home all together! Guarantee open positions for youth,maintain regulation and order,end corruption,depoliticise police and common machinery,stop obligated ranchers and workers from submitting suicides and a simply rule,” he said.

Addressing NDTV, a few youngsters likewise took a correspond at Mr Mann’s case and mentioned him to zero in on the issues of the state’s childhood as opposed to fantasizing about ‘white individuals’ coming to Punjab. “The adolescent has become casualty to chronic drug use and has been directed to a dull way. If it’s not too much trouble, center around occupations and their government assistance,” they said.