Seventeen’s Wonwoo’s Mother Died on 6 April 2022

Seventeen's Wonwoo's Mother Died on 6 April 2022
Seventeen’s Wonwoo’s

Seventeen’s Wonwoo’s Mother Died on 6 April 2022 – Seventeen part Wonwoo’s mom spent away today from a constant sickness, and we are sorry to educate you regarding the miserable news.

Right now, Wonwoo is dealing with the mortuary, and the memorial service will be held with loved ones.
We request his warm solace and thought so Wonwoo can invest a few energy in grieving with his loved ones.

Won Woo’s music organization, PLEDIS Entertainment, made the declaration in the wake of understanding the artist had a sensitive throat and needed to go through a PCR test.

“Hi. This is PLEDIS Entertainment,” the organization started.

“We might want to give you a few data about WONWOO, an individual from SEVENTEEN who has been determined to have COVID-19 and his action changes.

“In the wake of fostering a sensitive throat and poor quality fever on Friday, February 11, WONWOO tried positive in an individual test unit. He promptly took a PCR test and was determined to have COVID-19 on the morning of Saturday, February 12. WONWOO is at present notwithstanding She has no uncommon side effects other than sensitive throat and poor quality fever, and is self-sedating at home.

“HOSHI came into contact with WONWOO on Wednesday ninth and stepped through both a self-examination pack and a quick antigen test, the two of which returned negative. He likewise prudently led a PCR test to guarantee the wellbeing of others and is presently anticipating the outcomes.

“Since it was craftsman break time, every one of the SEVENTEEN individuals aside from HOSHI had no contact with WONWOO and inhabited their folks’ home. Any remaining SEVENTEEN individuals went through preventive self-assessment and the outcomes were all negative, and nobody showed any side effects.

“Thus, neither WONWOO nor HOSHI will partake in the present internet based occasion of SEVENTEEN’s ninth little collection “Attacca”, and will avoid the accompanying occasions for now. We will keep you educated regarding their future occasions.

“We will keep on supporting WONWOO’s fast recuperation while making the wellbeing and security of our craftsmen our first concern. We will proceed to completely help out the solicitations and direction of the wellbeing specialists,” closed PLEDIS Entertainment.