Teachers Of Punjab Protest Against AAP, said-Their Promise Turned Out to Be False

Teachers Of Punjab Protest Against AAP, said-Their Promise Turned Out to Be False
Teachers Protest

Around 13 thousand EGS instructors have opened a front against the Aam Aadmi Party, which involved the force of Punjab. These instructors have requested from the AAP government that their compensation ought to be expanded.

The fomenting educators express that throughout the previous 18 years, these instructors are working in an ostensible compensation of just 6 thousand, yet till date the Punjab government has not made any stride. Simultaneously, during the political race before, Arvind Kejriwal had guaranteed the instructors that during the 36 days of the arrangement of the public authority in the state, on the lines of Delhi, the compensation of the educators of Punjab would likewise be Rs 36,000 every month, except now the public authority is shaped for 36 days.

There have been more than this, however till now no consideration has been paid by the public authority toward this path. The instructors certainly stand out ought to be given to them in any capacity. The fighting educators say that even a worker acquires 500 rupees each day and along these lines procures a pay of 15 thousand rupees each month, however instructors are being taken advantage of even subsequent to perusing and composing.

This is awful. No progression has been steered toward our advantage. We instruct the general public, however in the event that we live in a tight spot, how might we have the option to contribute towards fixing the general public. This involves conversation.

Allow us to illuminate that Sukhchain Singh Chan, who is driving the upsetting instructors, designated the Aam Aadmi Party government and said that the Kejriwal government had made misleading vows to us. He had guaranteed us that after his administration was framed, no progression would be steered toward our advantage, yet till now no progression has been taken as far as we’re concerned. While advance notice the Punjab government, he has obviously said that in the event that no consideration is paid to our requests, this development of our own will proceed.

Be that as it may, up to this point no reaction has come from the Punjab government with respect to the interest of educators. Presently experiencing the same thing it will likewise be intriguing to see whether the guarantees of the Aam Aadmi Party, with which it was situated on the high position of the state, satisfy those guarantees or not.

Then again, an enormous number of police powers have additionally been sent by the Punjab government at the dissent site, so any inappropriate occurrence can happen, as it is by and large seen that a few enemy of social components on the appearance of unsettling are putting their loathsome aims on the ground. How about we take it off. Nonetheless, we don’t need to face such circumstances remembering that an enormous number of police powers have been sent.