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Adam Alfia’s net worth is $5 million. He is Love is Blind’s Alexa Alfia’s dad and founder of company “Real Time Feedback” who owns owns a few restaurants and nightclubs, including a neighbourhood taco shop and bar, Theory Nightclub in Dallas, a restaurant called Cutie Pies Pizza and a boutique fitness studio. His family lives in a $2.4 million worth house so Mashoor estimates his worth around $5 million or even more.

Adam Alfia’s Assets

Mr. Adam Alfia is the founder of the consumer feedback platform Real-Time Feedback, according to his LinkedIn page, which is probably how he made so much money.

We first encountered Alexa and her family in episodes six and seven of the third season of Love Is Blind. We were shown the huge home that Alexa’s father owns up front. I can’t quit thinking about the interior since it is so beautiful. The mansion is said to be valued $2.4 million and situated in Dallas’ most affluent neighbourhood, according to a YouTube video.

Since Alexa is one of six children, the household must be somewhat large to accommodate the entire family. She has two younger brothers, a stepbrother, a younger sister named Emma, and an older sister named Arielle.

Adam Alfia, Alexa’s father, established Real Time Feedback. Adam calls himself a “serial entrepreneur with a focus on the hotel and technology sectors” on LinkedIn. Real Time Feedback is, whichever you want to define it, “a customer interaction platform that allows customers to directly connect with businesses in real time.” In addition, Adam owns a number of dining establishments and nightclubs, including Theory Nightclub in Dallas and Cutie Pies Pizza. He also runs a small-scale fitness centre.

Adam Alfia’s Business Empire

Overseas Service Haus – Situated at 6520 North Focal Turnpike in Dallas, this is the upscale auto mechanics shop where People in love assume the best’s Alexa’s father Adam Alfia’s business domain started out. There is one more posting for 5606 Dyer Road, which might have been the first area. Adam loves unfamiliar vehicles and handles a wide range of fixes and administrations here. We haven’t seen any of Adam’s rides in the show at this point, however he gets some information about his decision of vehicle.

Maestro Personal Assistants – One of the examples we see for People in love don’t care about the details’ Adam Alfia’s organizations is that when one organization fosters a restriction, he concocts one more business to manage it. At the point when your extravagance unfamiliar vehicle stalls, a physical body shop is perfect — in the event that you can arrive. On Adam’s LinkedIn, the essential business recorded there is Maestro Individual Partners. Situated at the suitably named Alfia Adventures Expanding on 16990 Dallas Expressway, Maestro is essentially a call place for anything you really want.

Clearly they work straightforwardly with laid out vehicle brands like Infiniti, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Audi. They give crisis auto help, yet additionally travel courses of action and set up arrangements for clients. On the “Why Maestro” page, a celebrity Netflix realistic is noticeably shown. No big surprise Adam was so anxious to capture everyone’s attention on the Netflix unscripted television show! Also, Maestro would must have associations with the very best nail salons, lodgings, no difference either way. Wheels inside wheels!

Real Time Feedback – Yet, suppose you’re not happy with your administration, and a negative web-based survey is the outcome. No problem: People in love assume the best’s most extravagant father Adam Alfia’s business of Continuous Criticism is not too far off. Established with his brother Kfir, Adam has set up a way for your organization to straightforwardly get input from clients. While it’s ideal to receive texts when somebody is disturbed, there’s most certainly a part of control here.

You can’t make any difference with a negative Google or Facebook survey, yet utilizing Adam and Kfir’s product implies that negative input is much less open. As it turns out, Kfir has all the earmarks of being the more programming/client care situated of the sibling label group. Alexa’s sibling Aden is likewise recorded in the RTF group page as an advertiser.

Hell Shack Seafood, Cutie Pies Pizza, Hot Chicks Nashville Hot Chicken – You own an attendant service to organizations and programming that assists organizations with criticism. What’s a higher step up from that? Claiming those organizations! Could an entire fish establishment with 8 areas to kick you off? Shell Shack has your crab heats up, your shrimp, and grant winning snow crab. Not precisely legitimate, yet sounds tasty. Dollfaces Pizza has a rollout of Italian dishes, and Dollfaces Nashville has your zesty chicken requirements covered.

Avenu Lounge, Theory Night Club, Playground Bar – Not Adam’s organizations are all still in activity. Avenu Parlor at 2912 McKinney Road is unfortunately shut down. It delighted in occupied hordes of more youthful individuals and a decent standing for the time it was open. Hypothesis Dance club has had its spot at a similar area. Furthermore, think about who’s the administrator? That would be Alon Abramov, spouse to Alexa’s sister Cara.

Alon’s Douchey Club Proprietor Birthday Festivity occurred at Hypothesis on July thirteenth. In the event that you’re searching for something a smidgen more PG, Jungle gym Bar Uptown right in the distance offers a lot of grown-up measured youngster games like spasm tac-toe and monster Jenga. I can’t help thinking about what it resembles to play genuine Pac-Man?

Landmark, TXR, The Yard – Adam likewise gets cash from a couple of spots he’s put resources into, however doesn’t claim by and large. These are recorded on the Continuous Criticism About page. There’s Milestone, which could be a property proprietorship organization or simply a solitary structure. It’s hard to know since there are bunches of spots called “Milestone” in Texas, including a medical organization and a noteworthy motel. The lodging that the couples stay at on People who are head over heels for each other can find no fault in each other is known as the Gem on Milestone.

Briefly I really contemplated whether Adam claims that as well, yet obviously the inn is on Milestone Avenue. TXR is another extreme one on the grounds that numerous things are named that in Texas, including an entire rail line. We’d get it’s Texas Republic Sports Bar and Dance club. The most straightforward one to pinpoint is The Yard, another fun open air porch style eatery and bar. Essentially, the man in a real sense possesses a critical lump of Dallas. Presently you know why Alexa can stand to never wear a similar outfit two times!


Who is Adam Alfia ?

Adam Alfia is Love is Blind’s Alexa Alfia’s dad who is very rich.

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