Alexa Alfia Net Worth

Alexa Alfia’s net worth is $700k. She is an Insurance Agency Owner who is very rich also due to her father Adam and stated that she had tons of clothes at home and never wear the same dress again. Insurancy Agency owners usually earns around $150k a year in US but due to the properties she has we estimate her worth around $700k.

Alexa Alfia Biography

Alexa Alfia is 27-year-old Insurance Agency owner who idolizes the celebrity couple, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Her family lives in a $2.4 million house and her father owns Nightclubs and other businesses.

She was brought into this world on 1995 in US. She is on Instagram as alexaalfia.

She is from Dallas and has been running her own company for a little over five years. She stated that she have a ton of clothes at home and never re wears anything.

Personal Details

Net Worth$700k
Real NameAlexa Alfia
Date of Birth1995
ProfessionInsurance Agency Owner


FatherAdam Alfia
MotherMorgan Alfia
SiblingsYet To Update
BoyfriendYet To Update


SchoolYet To Update
UniversityYet To Update
QualificationYet To Update

Alexa Alfia Instagram


Alexa Alfia is described as being obstinate in her Tudum bio and as having been working on it for the past few years. The “pen buddy” phenomena and ghosting are two new age dating practises that Alexa dislikes. She aspires to discover love on her Love is Blind quest while getting rid of the “superficial.”

The prospective Love is Blind cast member is active on Instagram and has almost 2000 followers, despite the fact that there isn’t much information accessible about her. The dog enthusiast has a highlight specifically for her devoted pet, Loki. Tito is the name of her other dog, who frequently appears on her Instagram.

The bio further stated: The celebrity couple I’d model my relationship after is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Alexa Alfia frequently blogs about her family, particularly the little children. The star of the film once referred to Emma as the “best part” of her day, and she is one of the children that frequently graces the audience with her appearance. The aspiring reality star travels frequently and frequently blogs about her journeys. She has visited many places, including Scottsdale, Cabo, Israel, and Mexico.

She claimed that she is a highly self-assured individual and deserves someone who appreciates it in the trailer for Love is Blind. She appears to have located that individual because she is seen approaching a man who is shouting, “We’re engaged.”

She wants Prenup – When you fall in love with someone behind a wall and become engaged before ever meeting them in person, it’s simple to forget how the real world operates. In Season 3 of Love Is Blind, Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia, at least, it appears that way. Because Alexa announces that she wants a prenup once the dust has settled.

Fans are now interested in learning more about Alexa’s job on Love Is Blind and her income. She discusses how she expects to maintain her current standard of living when she gets married and how she hopes to buy a house and start a family in a year when she shows Brennon her opulent apartment in Episode 6.

Given Alexa Alfia career, it makes sense. An owner of an Allstate Insurance company can make more than $128,000 annually, according to Indeed. If Alexa’s firm is really successful, she might earn even more. On Alexa’s Instagram, there are also some polished images that give the impression that she may be paid for modelling.

Brennon doesn’t object when Alexa gently brings up signing a prenup before their wedding. Brennon appears to view Alexa’s action as sensible, and he basically orders her to prepare the paperwork as soon as feasible. It’s a situation that may have turned out horribly and uncomfortable. However, Brennon and Alexa are in agreement.

Brennan isn’t quite there financially yet. When Alexa considers entering into a prenuptial agreement to safeguard her possessions, Joe doesn’t object. Fortunately, Brennan seems unfazed by Alexa’s seeming wealth, which she has accumulated as a result of her job.

But after she becomes a stay-at-home mother, which she claims is her ultimate goal, he may need to learn how to keep her in the way of life she is used to. Through Allstate, Alexa runs her own insurance company. Alexa obtained her degree in 2016, and soon after, she established her company in the Dallas/Fort Worth region of Texas, according to her LinkedIn profile.

In the episode, Brennan remarks, “You obviously have more money than I do.” At this time, that seems evident. Adds he, Simply include everything you desire in the contract, and I will sign it. In terms of their lives after Love Is Blind, they still have a lot to figure out, but Alexa and Brennon seem up for the challenge.


Who is Alexa Alfia ?

Alexa Alfia is an Insurance Agency Owner.

When was Alexa born ?

She was born on 1995.

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