Della Beatrice Howard Robinson Net Worth

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson net worth is $15 million. She is famous as the ex-wife of legendary American singer, songwriter and composer “Ray Charles”. She received $15 million a total in divorce settlement.

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson Biography

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson was born in 1929 in California, USA. She has not revealed her exact date of birth till now.

Her husband Charles Ray had worth around $100 million at time of his death and Della received $15 million. Her husband died on 10 June 2004.

She has not revealed her education background, zodiac sign, qualification or anything about her personal life. It appears that she do not want to tell about herself, Also she is not on social media.

Personal Details

Real NameDella Beatrice Howard Robinson
Age93 years
Date of Birth1929
BirthplaceCalifornia, US
ProfessionMusician, Singer
Zodiac SignNot Known


FatherEdward DeJesus
MotherMary Scott
SisterAnita Scott-Wilson
Maureen Scott
HusbandCharles Ray
Children (Not Reliable Data)David Robinson
Robert Robinson
Raenee Robinson
Evelyn Robinson
Ryan Corey
Ray Charles Robinson Jr


SchoolYet To Update
UniversityYet To Update
QualificationYet To Update

Physical Statistics

Height5’8 Feet
172 cm
1.72 m
Weight76 Kgs
167 Pounds
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack


Della Beatrice Howard Robinson also has very much a story to tell; from her bombed connections to how she became Ms. Robinson. She started life as an unfortunate young lady from an isolated unassuming community to living in a well-to-do society that not and still, at the end of the day white individuals might have managed.

Along with her previous spouse, she partook in a way of life that most Americans just dream of before both of them was thirty years of age. Peruse the unprecedented excursion of Della Beatrice; her experience growing up, her own life, her life in the wake of separating from her popular spouse, and significantly more.

Early Life

Della Beatrice Antwine was conceived two years before her better half, Ray Charles. Her child Ray Charles Jr in his book, You Don’t Know Me: Reflections Of My Father, Ray Charles composes the way that she was more seasoned than her ex irritated her all through her life.

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson family was from Richmond, Texas, a town fifteen miles southwest of Houston. At the point when Della was conceived the town had simply 1,500 individuals. Her old neighborhood was a cotton and oil nation, and it wasn’t hit as hard as a large portion of the country during the Depression.

Richmond had been a shelter for liberated slaves after the Civil War. Nonetheless, when Charles’ ex was conceived, the train tracks going through the center of town were an image of racial division. At the point when Howard was youthful, her mom and two aunties moved to Houston and accepted positions as live-in servants.

Della learned at a hued school in Richmond. She needed to walk sixteen miles every day. Robinson went to Richmond’s school until the 4th grade. From that point onward, she moved to Houston.

Fight With Mother

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson battled with her mom all along. Acquainted with a calmer existence with her grandmother, she disliked her mom’s late evenings and celebrating after work.

Afterward, when Della’s mom dealt with her to take care of her new child sibling, James, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson abhorred it more. On one occasion Robinson declared that she was moving out all alone. Yet, she soon lamented the choice. She then moved in with her cousin Robert Lee. Right up ’til now Della concedes venturing out from home so youthful was one of the most horrendously terrible mix-ups of her life.

In the wake of leaving her mom, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson endure for the most part through “Lying.” She made sense of, in those days no one requested a birth testament, and she was tall to such an extent that she could be mistaken for eighteen. From now on, she got a Social Security card and a wellbeing card and went to work tending to tables.

Her subsequent occupation was singing with a gospel bunch. On account of that she moved in with Ella Dooley, one of the more seasoned ladies in her gathering. Also, at 16, she joined Cecil Shaw’s gospel bunch. She had quite recently moved on from secondary school.

Gospel Singer

Not long in the wake of joining Cecil Shaw’s gospel crew, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson started singing on the radio and in shows. When she and her different individuals were under agreement, they continued on toward show lobbies and greater places of worship. Before long there was a recording contract; a portion of the manifestations made due to become CDs and are as yet accessible. Della’s face showed up on the covers, grinning into the camera. When she was out of her teenagers, Robinson was headed to a fruitful gospel profession.

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson was in her mid-20s yet a gospel vocalist. Charles, also was in the beginning phases of his own profession, visiting the Jim Crow circuit. He loved paying attention to the radio when he was out and about. At some point, while going through Texas, he ended up hearing the Cecil Shaw artists on air. The tune was “Ask On, My Child,” and the lead was sung by, as a matter of fact, Della Beatrice Howard. He got comfortable with herself was profoundly moving and had made his psyche to meet Della Beatrice Howard Robinson.


Della Beatrice Howard Robinson then 26 and Ray Charles were hitched in Dallas in 1955. They had their wedding in a back room loaded up with garbage and a lady they had never met perused them their promises. The initial not many years went OK despite the fact that Charles hadn’t turned into an immense name and was battling monetarily too. The previous couple had their most memorable kid, a child in May 1955; they named him Ray Charles Robinson Jr. They lived with their most memorable child in Myrtle Street, Dallas, Texas.

Throughout the span of the following couple of years, they invited two additional children, David Robinson, and Robert Robinson.

Notwithstanding, however much Charles guaranteed that he needed a home life and a family, his life out and about, with ladies and medications, compounded the situation. He anyway some way or another figured out how to separate his life into two compartments, the family man and the street performer. What’s more, he ensured that one didn’t knock facing the other.

The Polar Music Prize champ spouse of Della kept visiting, composing melodies, and monitoring his loved ones. He was recording a normal of three singles every year. Meanwhile, Robinson brought forth another child, and Charles moved the family to Los Angeles.


Charles’ hunger for sex proceeded when he was out and about and Della in the home. He at the time had a scandalous illicit relationship with Mary Ann Fisher. In something like two years of his union with Robinson, Ray was additionally seeing two different ladies, Margie Hendricks and Mae Mosely Lyles.

The gospel vocalist spouse of Charles had some awareness of his extramarital issues at this point she chose to stay with him in any case halfway on account of her confidence.

In 1976, the mother of Ray’s three kids at last petitioned for legal separation however the subtleties were kept out of the press. Robinson was then living with her child, Charles Jr., and his better half.

Constantly 1983, Della and her ex, Charles were on better conditions. The Jazz symbol, in any case, was struggling concerning vocation and wellbeing. He had recently disposed of “unusually patent Eustachian tubes.” The treatment nearly killed him, however he endure thanks to the anti-toxins. Furthermore, he had the most terrible visit in musicians’ memory, 1983.

During his time at the emergency clinic, when he was placed in restoration, Della would visit Charles and bring some food.

Howard’s previous spouse kicked the bucket on June 10, 2004, because of entanglements coming about because of liver disappointment.

Present Living Place

When revealed in 2010, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson was living in Riverside County with stable wellbeing. It, nonetheless, is hazy on the off chance that Ray’s ex-life partner wedded after her partition from the artist of Georgia On My Mind. Anyway, she is accounted for to be particularly perfectly healthy.


Who is Della ?

Della is a wife of Ray Charles.

When was She born ?

He was born on January 21, 1997.