Raven Ross Net Worth

Raven Ross’s net worth is $100k. She is a Pilates Instructor who serves as a Certified Pilates Instructor for Classic Pilates and is also Pilates Master Trainer at Club Pilates. Usually Professional Pilates Instructors can get is $40k -$120k per year or even more in US so Mashoor estimates her worth around $100k.

Raven Ross Biography

Raven Ross is a Pilates Instructor who often shares training videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram and is a participant in Netflix’s Love Is Blind.

She was brought into this world on 1993 in New Orleans, Louisiana, US. She is on Instagram – pilatesbodyraven.

She made the decision to seek a profession as a Pilates instructor because she was passionate about physical fitness.

Personal Details

Net Worth$100k
Real NameRaven Ross
Date of Birth1993
BirthplaceNew Orleans, Louisiana, US
ProfessionPilates Instructor


FatherYet To Update
MotherYet To Update
SiblingsYet To Update
GirlfriendsYet To Update


SchoolYet To Update
UniversityYet To Update
QualificationYet To Update

More About Raven

Raven Ross, a 1993 birth, has some African American ancestry. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and two of her childhood best friends were from Nigeria. Raven was reared in white society while living in the South, as she discusses in the Netflix series. She had had a committed relationship with an older, rich man before making an appearance on reality television. The Dallas, Texas resident still possesses some mementos from that period of her life, despite the fact that she ultimately split up with her lover.

Raven Ross made the decision to pursue a profession as a Pilates instructor because of her passion for physical health. She appears to be a Pilates Master Trainer at Club Pilates as well as a Certified Pilates Instructor for Classic Pilates.

The reality TV personality is also a TriggerPoint Foam Rolling Specialist and a Barre Instructor. Raven frequently uploads workout videos to Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in an effort to spread the word about her love of exercise. In fact, Raven updates her YouTube account with fresh training videos every week. She also works in the service sector on the weekends and at night, serving drinks and tending bars to supplement her income. But Raven’s main passion continues to be fitness, and she seizes every chance to spread the word about it. Interestingly, she frequently interrupts conversations to engage in physical activity.

Raven Ross, who is 29 years old, entered the third season of “Love Is Blind” in search of a romantic partner. The Pilates instructor had plenty of possibilities, but she eventually went with the person she felt the strongest connection to. This is not to imply that Raven’s journey was without strife or difficult choices; she undoubtedly did. Raven made an effort to enjoy the situation to the fullest, albeit with assistance from her friends and loved ones. She is currently a Pilates instructor, where she is living her best life.

One of the foundations of Raven’s life is her tight friendship with her pals, and she constantly enjoys spending time with them. We hope she succeeds in her future endeavours and wish her the very best in life.

Raven Is Annoying

Raven met the 27-year-old analyst Bartise Bowden while she was in the Love is Blind pods. He revealed to Raven the separation of his parents. Raven was performing jumping jacks the whole time, listening to the stories of his life. Raven acknowledged that she would have done the same if Bartise had become upset and ended their relationship. Fans of Love is Blind thought Raven’s actions were quite bothersome.

Raven wasn’t the only one who got sidetracked in this situation. While Bartise was attempting to end their relationship, she was seen munching on nachos. Raven also revealed to Bartise how she had worked as a bartender on the weekends, adding that she kept this a secret from most people.

Raven became quickly attracted to SK, age 34. Fans of Love is Blind thought Raven was unpleasant and questioned whether her and SK’s fling would last all the way to the altar. Nancy Rodriguez was later engaged to be married by Bartise, and the two departed for their honeymoon alongside the other couples. When he first encountered Raven, Bartise was taken aback by her appearance and said that both of them were the “attention-receivers” of any gathering.

He lamented that despite having his fiance at his side, he had not spent enough time or care on Raven. Both of them, according to Raven, were very active in fitness. Bartise was also making fun of the lack of a romantic relationship between SK and Raven at the time. Fans may watch Bartise trying to revive his romance with Raven after he confessed to doing so during a confessional. Netflix is teasing the audience with the song Temptation Got Me and Bartise trying to call SK number two.


Who is Raven Ross ?

Raven Ross is a Pilates Instructor.

When was Raven Ross born ?

She was born on 1993.

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