Gorakhnath Mandir Attack: Father Says Son is Mentally Unstable

Gorakhnath Mandir Attack: Father Says Son is Mentally Unstable
Gorakhnath Mandir Attack

Gorakhnath Mandir Attack – In the consequence of the Gorakhnath sanctuary assault, the dad of the charged has approached to guarantee that his child is ‘insane and self-destructive’. Addressing journalists, Muneer Ahmed, father of Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi who went after police officers positioned external the sanctuary with mottos of ‘Allahu Akbar’, has asserted that his child has been upset throughout the most recent couple of weeks and is self-destructive.

Recently, the Uttar Pradesh police tended to a public interview expressing that a ‘dread point’ was not being precluded for the situation. “The blamed went after the cops with sharp weapons and yelled strict mottos. the police captured him on the spot. We can not reject that it was a dread assault,” said Prashant Kumar, Additional Director-General (ADG), Law and Order.

“He has been sick ceaselessly. After I resigned, I was unable to leave him since he is deranged so I carried him alongside me. He has been debilitated. He asserted that he didn’t have misery, yet he needed to end it all. ATS additionally expressed that there is an argument against him. He was charged and focused after that,” said Muneer Ahmed.

“Religious places are given special security and it is monitored from time to time. Had he entered the temple, pilgrims would have been in danger. The travel history of the accused will be investigated and Rs 5 lakhs will be given to the injured policemen. Link with any terror organisation will also be looked at,” he added.

Gorakhpur Temple Attack

The stunning episode occurred on Sunday, April 3, when a furnished lowlife went after two constables who attempted to prevent him from entering the premises of the Gorakhnath sanctuary. The CCTV film of the episode has been gotten to by the Republic Media Network. The assailant, recognized as Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi, avoided security staff at the sanctuary for around ten minutes prior to being overwhelmed. He endeavored to coercively enter the premises of the sanctuary and yelled “Allahu Akbar”.

BJP pioneer Vishnu Vardhan Reddy has asserted that the denounced, Ahmed Murtaza, is an architect from IIT Mumbai. The National Investigation Agency will examine the assault. It is additionally essential to make reference to that CM Yogi Adityanath is the head cleric (Mahant) of Gorakhnath Temple and has his own convenience here. He was absent at the sanctuary at the hour of the assault.