Guido Vianello Net Worth

Guido Vianello’s net worth is $500k. He is an Italian Boxer who is undefeated having won 8 fights in his professional boxer career also competed in 2016 Olympics so Mashoor estimates his worth over $500k.

Guido Vianello Biography

Guido Vianello is an Italian professional boxer who was born on May 9, 1994. He participated in the 2016 Summer Olympics’ men’s super-heavyweight competition as an amateur. He is 6’6 feet tall.

He was brought into this world on 9 May 1994 in Rome, Italy. He has more than 52k followers on Instagram – guidovianello.

A member of the Gruppo Sportivo Forestale was Vianello (from 2013 to 2016). On January 1st of 2017, the G.S. Vianello joined the Centro Sportivo Carabinieri after Forestale and the C.S. amalgamated. Carabinieri.

Personal Details

Net Worth$500k
Real NameGuido Vianello
Date of Birth9 May 1994
BirthplaceRome, Italy


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Boxing Career

He has a Boxing record of 8 wins and 1 draws and 0 defeats.

9Win8–0–1 Marlon Williams26 Jun 2021
8Draw7–0–1 Kingsley Ibeh3 Oct 2020
7Win7–0 Don Haynesworth9 Jun 2020
6Win6–0 Colby Madison30 Nov 2019
5Win5–0 Cassius Anderson14 Sep 2019
4Win4–0 Keenan Hickmon15 Jun 2019
3Win3–0 Lawrence Gabriel12 Apr 2019
2Win2–0 Andrew Satterfield10 Feb 2019
1Win1–0 Luke Lyons8 Dec 2018

Guido Vianello News

On October 28, unbeaten heavyweight prospect Guido Vianello will take on Jay McFarlane in the Pala Atlantico in Rome, making his debut in the professional ring in his home country of Italy. The eight-round fight, which will serve as the main event of a show co-promoted by Top Rank and OPI Since 82, will be broadcast live in the United States on ESPN+ and in Italy on Mola TV.

Following a majority tie to Kingsley Ibeh in October 2020, the 28-year-old Vianello (9-0-1 with 9 knockouts) is attempting to make it three wins in a row. In his most recent contest, which took place in July, he defeated Rafael Rios in four. Vianello, who has a height of 6′ 6″, competed for Italy in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Three days ago, Glasgow, Scotland’s McFarlane (13-6, 5 KOs) won a six-round decision over Chris Healey in his home city. This was his first fight following his lone stoppage defeat to former rugby union player Nick Campbell in the seventh round.

Defense In Boxing

Slip – Slipping turns the body just enough to let an approaching punch harmlessly miss the area right near to the head. The boxer quickly turns his hips and shoulders as the opponent’s blow approaches. This causes the chin to shift to the side, allowing the punch to “slip” by. Extremely quick and near slides made Muhammad Ali and an early Mike Tyson renowned.

Sway or fade: To move the upper body or head back in anticipation of a punch so that it misses or has a noticeably reduced force. also known as “riding the punch” or “rolling with the punch.

Bob and weave – Bobbing causes the head to bob laterally and beneath an approaching punch. The boxer immediately bends his legs while simultaneously shifting his torso slightly to the right or left in anticipation of the opponent’s punch. After dodging the strike, the boxer “weaves” back to an upright position, appearing on the outside or inside of the still-extended arm of the opponent.

“Bobbing to the outside” refers to a movement made outside the opponent’s extended arm. “Bobbing to the inside” refers to a movement made inside the opponent’s extended arm. Bobbing and weaving was a skill that Joe Frazier, Jack Dempsey, Mike Tyson, and Rocky Marciano excelled at.

Cover Up – The last chance to deflect an impending blow to an exposed face or torso (apart from rolling with a punch) is to cover up. In general, the forearms are tucked towards the torso to deflect body shots, the hands are held high to defend the head and chin. The boxer rotates the hips to defend the body while allowing incoming blows to “roll” off their defence. The boxer slams both fists on the front of the face while keeping the forearms parallel and pointing outward to protect the head. Attacks from below can be successful against this kind of defence.

Clinch – Clinching is a harsh kind of grappling or a form of trapping that takes place when the space between the two combatants has closed and straight strikes are ineffective. In this instance, the boxer tries to restrain or “bind up” the opponent’s hands to prevent hooks or uppercuts from being delivered. The boxer clinches his opponent’s arms hard against his own body by wrapping both hands around the outside of the opponent’s shoulders and scooping back under the forearms. The opponent’s arms are pinned in this position and are unable to be used for assault. Clinching is a momentary match condition that the referee swiftly eliminates.


Who is Guido Vianello ?

Guido Vianello is an Italian Boxer.

When was Guido born ?

He was born on 9 May 1994.