Mariana Juarez Net Worth

Mariana Juarez’s net worth is $3 million. She is a Mexican Boxer. She has won 54 fights, lost 10 fights in her professional boxing career currently earning thousands of dollars from them and also from sponsors so Mashoor estimates her worth around $3 million.

Mariana Juarez Biography

Mariana Juarez is a Mexican professional Boxer. She formerly held the WBC female flyweight title from 2011 to 2012 and the WBC female bantamweight belt from 2017 to October 2020. She is a former two-division world champion.

She was brought into this world on 29 January 1980 in Santa Urusula, Tlaxcala, Mexico. She has more than 120k followers on Instagram – barbyjuarez.

She made her debut in 22 May 1998 against Virginia Esparza. Till date she has won 54 boxing matches losing 10 times and 4 times draw in her professional boxing career.

Personal Details

Real NameMaría Anastasia Trejo
Age42 years
Date of Birth29 January 1980
BirthplaceSanta Urusula, Tlaxcala, Mexico
Mariana Juarez


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MotherYet To Update
SiblingsYet To Update
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QualificationYet To Update

Boxing career

Mariana Juarez formerly held the WBC female flyweight title from 2011 to 2012 and the WBC female bantamweight belt from 2017 to October 2020. She is a former two-division world champion. She is currently ranked as the second-best active female bantamweight in the world by The Ring, fifth by BoxRec, and ninth in the world pound-for-pound by The Ring and tenth by ESPN as of November 2020.

68Loss54–10–4 Yulihan Luna31 Oct 2020
67Win54–9–4 Carolina Duer12 Oct 2019
66Win53–9–4 Diana Fernandez15 Jun 2019
65Win52–9–4 Eva Naranjo2 Mar 2019
64Win51–9–4 Susie Ramadan27 Oct 2018
63Win50–9–4 Terumi Nuki11 Aug 2018
62Win49–9–4 Carolina Arias28 Apr 2018
61Win48–9–4 Gabriela Bouvier17 Feb 2018
60Win47–9–4 Alesia Graf11 Nov 2017
59Win46–9–4 Terum Nuki8 Jul 2017
58Win45–9–4 Catherine Phiri1 Apr 2017
57Win44–9–4 Irma Garcia17 Dec 2016
56Loss43–9–4 Daniela Romina Bermúdez27 Aug 2016
55Win43–8–4 Tamao Ozawa14 May 2016
54Win42–8–4 Noemi Bosques6 Feb 2016
53Draw41–8–4 Vanesa Taborda10 Oct 2015
52Win41–8–3 Vanesa Taborda11 Jul 2015
51Loss40–8–3 Naoko Fujioka14 Mar 2015
50Win40–7–3 Carla Romina Weiss6 Sep 2014
49Win39–7–3 Melissa McMorrow22 Feb 2014
48Win38–7–3 Nimaphon Musika12 Oct 2013
47Win37–7–3 Riyo Togo13 Jul 2013
46Loss36–7–3 Riyo Togo27 Apr 2013
45Win36–6–3 Tenkai Tsunami15 Dec 2012
44Loss35–6–3 Ava Knight13 Oct 2012
43Win35–5–3 Shindo Go14 Jul 2012
42Win34–5–3 Arely Muciño12 May 2012
41Win33–5–3 Anastasia Toktaulova25 Feb 2012
40Win32–5–3 Diana Gonzalez10 Dec 2011
39Win31–5–3 Daniela Bouvier15 Oct 2011
38Win30–5–3 Asami Shikasho27 Aug 2011
37Win29–5–3 Gabriela Bouvier21 May 2011
36Win28–5–3 Simona Galassi11 Mar 2011
35Win27–5–3 Maribel Ramirez20 Nov 2010
34Win26–5–3 Diana Gonzalez14 Aug 2010
33Win25–5–3 Susana Vazquez22 May 2010
32Win24–5–3 Abigail Villar6 Mar 2010
31Win23–5–3 Anahi Torres12 Dec 2009
30Win22–5–3 Susana Vazquez12 Sep 2009
29Win21–5–3 Carolina Alvarez25 Jul 2009
28Win20–5–3 Irma Sánchez5 Jun 2009
27Win19–5–3 Anahi Torres28 Mar 2009
26Win18–5–3 Esmeralda Moreno29 Nov 2008
25Win17–5–3 Suzannah Warner27 Sep 2008
24Win16–5–3 Diana Gonzalez23 Aug 2008
23Win15–5–3 Sandra Hernandez17 Jul 2008
22Loss14–5–3 Monica Lovato28 Jul 2007
21Loss14–4–3 Myung Ok Ryu30 Mar 2005
20Win14–3–3 Carla Witherspoon25 Feb 2005
19Win13–3–3 In Young Lee14 Nov 2004
18Win12–3–3 Yvonne Chavez30 Apr 2004
17Win11–3–3 Yvonne Chavez7 Oct 2003
16Win10–3–3 Lorri Aguilera18 Sep 2003
14Loss9–3–2 Ana Maria Torres26 Jun 2002
13Win9–2–2 Miriam Serrano10 Apr 2002
12Win8–2–2 Jessica Treat21 Jun 2001
11Win7–2–2 Sue Chase11 May 2001
10Win6–2–2 Ivonne Munoz21 Oct 2000
9Win5–2–2 Gloria Rios29 Jan 2000
8Draw4–2–2 Ana Maria Torres11 Dec 1999
7Win4–2–1 Maribel Zamora30 Oct 1999
6Draw3–2–1 Ivonne Munoz15 Sep 1999
5Win3–2 Gloria Rios21 Aug 1999
4Win2–2 Maria Duran31 Jul 1999
3Loss1–2 Ana Maria Torres3 Jul 1999
2Loss1–1 Maria Duran21 Dec 1998
1Win1–0 Virginia Esparza22 May 1998

She is the elder sister of boxer Lourdes Juárez, a world champion. On May 22, 1998, in Mexico City, Juárez made her professional debut by defeating Virginia Esparza through second-round knockout (KO).

Fight With Yulihan Luna

On top of losing her WBC bantamweight title on Saturday night, Mariana Juarez also damaged her reputation in the sport with her post-fight behaviour. Juarez was defeated by Yulihan Luna at the Grand Oasis Arena in Cancun, Mexico, by unanimous decision after being outboxed for the majority of the 10-round fight.

Mariana Juarez immediately claimed that Luna had been using gloves that had been altered. From the first bell, Juarez’s face was harmed by Luna’s punches, which caused a welt beneath her left eye and blood to drain from her mouth. But Luna, who was younger and faster, consistently outpunched Juarez, who appeared sluggish.

Mariana Juarez crossed the ring to yell at Luna, who appeared perplexed, as the scores were totaled. A WBC representative examined both boxers’ hand wraps and gloves at the ringside before handing them off to co-promoter Oswaldo Kuchle. Both men came to the conclusion that Luna’s hand wraps and gloves were completely legal. As the WBC belt was being placed around Luna after she was declared the champion, she started crying.

The 26-year-old Luna, who has won her previous four matches after falling to Guadalupe Martinez Guzman in November 2018, said, “I’m very excited and happy.” It was always my goal to win the global championship. The interview was subsequently cut short by Juarez, who then repeated his earlier accusation that Luna was lying. The champion, Juarez (54-10-4, 18 KOs), who was making her tenth championship defence, declared, “I’ve been in this sport for 21 years.” “They know there’s something in those gloves.

The WBC will investigate. I’m happy to announce that Yuliana won. I would not give ground. I intended to complete the fight. At ringside, where the gloves were, Luna said, “The gloves and hand covers are right there.” “We are sportspeople. We understand winning. We are adept at failing. She claimed that I smacked her with the glove’s laces since they were higher than usual. Because of our diligence, we succeeded.

I’ll give her another chance if she requests one. We’re not frightened. They may examine the gloves as much as they like. On January 29, Juarez turns 41 years old. Luna, a resident of Gomez Palacio, Mexico, improves to 20-3-1 (3 knockouts), while Promociones del Pueblo and Cancun Boxing co-promoted the event. Luna was ranked No. 2 by The Ring at 118 pounds going into the bout.


Who is Mariana Juarez ?

Mariana Juarez is a Mexican boxer.

When was Mariana Juarez born ?

She was born in 29 January 1980.