Operation Romeo Review

Operation Romeo Review
Operation Romeo

Operation Romeo Review – In a red vehicle remaining on a disconnected street in the dead of the evening, a man tears open the covering of a chocolate bar and threateningly offers it to a young lady sitting close to him. Frozen and soaked in sweat, she takes a nibble of it. The man then, at that point, proceeds to savor the remainder of the chocolate, practically in delight while the young lady’s sweetheart who is sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle, watches this scene with sickening apprehension.

The possibility of going through something like this, in actuality, gives you both, the chills as well as the deadheads! What’s more, that is the means by which Neeraj Pandey’s most recent creation Operation Romeo successfully gets your heartbeat and assembles pressure all around.

A Hindi adaptation of Shane Nigam-Ann Sheetal’s 2019 Malayalam film Ishq- Not A Love Story, Operation Romeo stays true to its written source. This comes with its own set of pros and cons. What’s Yay: Sharad Kelkar and Kishor Kadam’s performances What’s Nay: Weak Screenplay

Star Cast: Sidhant Gupta, Vedika Pinto, Sharad Kelkar, Bhumika Chawla, Kishor Kadam

Director: Shashant Shah

Operation Romeo Story

Activity Romeo starts with sentiment in the air for Aditya (Sidhant Gupta), an IT proficient and Neha (Vedika Pinto), a designing understudy. The couple participate in a late night discussion, making terrific arrangements for Neha’s birthday which falls on the following day. A progression of scenes later, Aditya and Neha set out on a day-long excursion to partake in the last’s birthday.

From treating Neha with her number one food at her preferred eatery to partaking in boat rides together at Gateway Of India, the lovebirds partake in the day without limit. Afterward, Aditya takes Neha for a lengthy drive where they leave their vehicle in a forsaken parking area almost a clinic to share a short snapshot of closeness.

Sadly, their delicate second is intruded on by a boisterous cop Mangesh (Sharad Kelkar) and his alcoholic old partner Kiran (Kishor Kadam) who are moral thugs on lurk. Aditya-Neha’s guiltless date before long transforms into an evening of shakedown, injury and torture for them. After the horrible experience, Aditya volunteers to look for retribution. ‘Face, follow and eradicate’ turns into his witticism. Will this ‘Romeo’ prevail in his main goal?

Operation Romeo Direction

Activity Romeo helmed by Shashank Shah, is right around an edge to-approach duplicate of Ishq-Not A Love Story. Along these lines, this flick has the same old thing to propose to the individuals who have proactively watched the Shane Nigam-Ann Sheetal starrer. Aside from changing the area of the film to clipping a couple of scenes from the first, Shah scarcely involves any imagination in his narrating.

Talking about the in addition to focuses, Operation Romeo appropriately portrays the features of a typical person in a man centric culture through the male hero Aditya. He might seem to be a cutesy fellow however where it counts, there’s possessiveness, outrage and the desirous love for a young lady’s virtuousness. Instead of comforting his sweetheart post their horrendous experience, he is more keen on realizing what unfolded inside the vehicle when she was abandoned with an outsider.

“I really want to know gaadi mein kya hua thha. If it’s not too much trouble, tell me, I want to be aware as a man, alright?,” he nearly blasts out at a point. Rotating around the subject of moral policing, Operation Romeo likewise provides us with a comprehension of how moral hooligans and sexual guilty parties frequently go after the vulnerability and apprehension about their casualties.

Furthermore, subsequently, the show of dominance is more mental than physical. Coming to the other side, one wishes that Shashank alongside author Arshad Sayed had not conveyed forward the inadequacies from Ishq-Not A Love Story into his variant too. Like the first, here as well, we never get any knowledge into Neha’s mind post the terrible episode, which is the reason when the last contort shows up in the peak, it scarcely has a boisterous effect and seems to be constrained. The vengeance adventure in the final part of the film is additionally far from being obviously true with regards to managing moral policing cases.

Performances Of Entertainers

Sidhant Gupta and Vedika Pinto look lovable as a couple on screen, yet they come up short on honesty and appeal which Shane Nigam and Ann Sheetal radiated in the Malayalam film. Sidhant as an imperfect legend, pulls off a decent execution.

Then again, Vedika scarcely gets to feature her acting chops attributable to the restricted degree in the content. The film significantly lays on Sharad Kelkar and Kishor Kadam’s powerful shoulders. The pair together, creep you out as they act slyly with their prey.

One of the fundamental motivations behind why your eyes stay stuck to the screen is a result of them. Watching Bhumika Chawla on celluloid after quite a while is great. Excepting the bits where she needs to convey her discoursed in Marathi, the entertainer is persuading in her part.

Opration Romeo Technicalities & Music

Cinematographer Hari Nair, with his tight close-up shots, stirs up a perfect concoction of fear and tension on screen. Kathikuloth Praveen’s editing goes fine with the narrative.

There’s nothing noteworthy with regards to the music office in this film. The tunes with their forgettable verses just work out in the scenes. Fortunately, they ain’t any obstruction to the narrating.


“I love games,” Sharad Kelkar’s personality Mangesh Jadhav announces with a smile in one of the scenes in the film. While Operation Romeo has the majority of its players in full structure with regards to the subject of the film, it just misses to score an objective because of absence of curiosity concerning execution. More or less, this one merits observing just for Sharad Kelkar and Kishor Kadam’s deft exhibitions. The rest can make due with the Malayalam variant which is spilling on an OTT stage.