You Have New Opportunities – Google Adsense Message In Account

You have new opportunities Google Adsense

Recently on 21 April 2022 I got a message in my google adsense account for website that You have new opportunities, Visit the Opportunities tab to find out more.

So basically what was that ? The answer to this is that google wants to tell you that you can earn more by following the recommendations that google have give you in the opportunities section of your adsense account so you can increase your adsense revenue.


Let Google Optimize ads for you – Under this the user simply click and enable this feature on his website. The benefit of doing this that google will automatically optimize your ads and load time will be increased for Ads.

You Have New Opportunities - Google Adsense Message In Account
Auto Optimize Ads

Install the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plugin – Under this google said that “Install the WordPress AMP plugin on your WordPress site. It will automatically create AMP versions of your pages to make them load almost instantly. We recommend this plugin, though there are other options available.”

You Have New Opportunities - Google Adsense Message In Account
AMP Plugin

Auto Optimize

Auto streamline will try different things with various mixes of your promotion settings and consequently apply upgrades to your income. On the other hand, you can see the consequences of the investigations first and apply the upgrades yourself later (by choosing “Ideas as it were”).
You’ll get an email and in-item warning each time an improvement is applied to your promotion settings, and you can constantly fix any progressions made.

We’ll just run tests intended to develop your income. These analyses will just enhance promotion settings, for example, your advertisement designs. They won’t influence any of your other record settings, like impeding controls.

New features

Many of you asked to have more control over the optimization experiments that Google runs for you. That’s why we’ve added three new settings to Auto optimize:
Select traffic: Select the percentage of users that you want to show optimization experiments to –
Block a style: Remove an ad style that you don’t want Auto optimize experiments to run on (AdSense for Search only)
Block an experiment: Remove types of optimization experiments that you don’t want on your site, for example:
•Vignette ads and anchor ads (AdSense for Content)•Standard templates, shopping templates, and search keywords (AdSense for Search)